Maybunga Elementary School Annex

Atty. Reynaldo P. Dionisio, City Administrator, Pasig City Government informed the DepEd NCR of the public pronouncement of the honorable City Mayor, Robert C. Eusebio regarding thee occupancy of Maybunga elementary School Annex commencing SY. 2009- 2010.

May 18, 2009

The formal turn-over of Maybunga Elementary School annex to the newly appointed Officer In Charge Miss Josephine Z. Macawile.

June 1, 2009

Opening of Maybunga Elementary School Annex as a complete school.


Maybunga Elementary School Annex is new school in Pasig V District. It is located at Westbank Road floodway Maybunga, Pasig City. The school with 355 square meter lot has a three- storey building constructed under the administration of Mayor Booby Eusebio.

The School in surrounded by Housing Building a “ Pabahay Project of Mayor Bobby Eusebio that served as a relocation site and housing units for Pasiguenos who were affected by demolition in Bagong Ilog., Sta. Rosa, Sumilang, Palatiw and Bambang.


The School has one three- storey building with eleven (11) classrooms, twelve-seater comfort room and desk. The school ground in front serves as a good space for pupils’ outdoor activities. Nine (9) Classrooms were utilized as an instructional room and the remaining two (2) rooms served as office of the Principal, Guidance, Faculty and Canteen.

Office of the Principal

Faculty Room



Miss Jo as we fondly call her is a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education graduate of Pasig Catholic College. During her College years, she was on active Student in Education and a student Leader in PCC Supreme Student Council.

Aside from school activity, Ma’am Jo had a chance to work voluntarily in Philippine Breast Cancer Network as Board Treasurer and KAPPAG Inc. as Board Secretary.

In terms of teaching experiences, Ms Jo has handled grade I, IV and VI. She has been in the teaching profession for 20 years, the first 3 years of which were spent at Jose Rizal College. She has been a grade level chairman, English Coordinator, Trainer, Resource Speaker, Demonstration Teacher, Curriculum Writer, Faculty Club President and District Club Vice President.

She served as Assistant to the Principal of San Joaquin Elementary School and enjoyed every minute of it to serve the pupils, teachers and parents as well.

For her, Service above Self is important in this life. She believes in the importance of doing our best in good faith and in the spirit of service and sacrifice to the people at large. To serve others means making their lives useful, caring, meaningful and joyous. To serve others is to touch other people’s lives.

Her principles in life motivated her to work hard and be awarded as the Most Outstanding Public Servants in Elementary School by the Rotary International District 3, 800 last October 29, 2005 in Amang Rodriguez Hall Rizal Provincial Capitol Pasig City. She bested seven other nominees from Dagat- dagatan, Caloocan, Valenzuela, Marikina, Rizal, San Juan and Mandaluyong.

Ms. Macawile continued her outstanding dedication and commitment as mentor who willingly shares her time and expertise in molding the minds of the young and unselfishly honing their talents and skills.

According to her, giving good example requires a strong character, sincerity in purpose and selflessness in service, that our responsibility toward others demands that we share good things with them. Among the things that we can share are ourselves.

Ms. Josephine Z. Macawile, a perennial most outstanding teacher awardee received another feather on her cap from the Dangal ng Pasig Award during the celebration of the 435th Araw ng Pasig held at Pasig Sports Complex June 30, 2008.

Teaching Force

SY. 2009-2010

With seven hundred thirty six (736) pupils form grades I- VI Maybunga Elementary School Annex has 16 contractual teachers, three permanent teachers.

Three permanent TEACHERS

Teresita DG. Alzona                Rowena C. Petallar                  Jessica U. Roble

June 25, 1953                          December 7, 1971                   June 20, 1977

Anniefe C. Ranido                    Joan S. Garcenila               Rachelle D. Mendoza

March 25, 1984                       August 18, 1979                  September 6, 1986

Nilda G. Mallon                        Noven  Joy A. Alingasa            Wella L. Nationo

November 24 1985                  November 6, 1983                   June 10, 1987

Marlie C. Bioco                        Barbara O. Poso                      Lenisa B. Arcenal

July 24, 1983                           March 21, 1981                        May 21, 1986

Ferdinand P. Apostle               Joan M. Balat                       Leonisa A. Mabulay

March 25, 1981                        August 12, 1980                    August 11, 1984

Richard N. Gaalang                  Maribelle L. Pedregosa            Rex A. Valdez

October 31, 1982                    March 16, 1985                        October 21, 1984

Eden R. Ruidera

March 4, 1985

Crafting of the Schools Vision and Mission of Teachers and Parents on July 24, 2009.

Barangay Maybunga is one of the flourishing barangays in the municipality of Pasig. The establishment of the Maybunga Elementary School Annex is its great manifestation. It is a school within a thriving community. Its foundation must be designed to achieve its goal.

The School Learning Action Cell (SLAC) served as a timely convention on crafting the school’s vision and mission.

The teachers and the PTCA Officers recently underwent  a 3-half day SLAC on crafting the School’s vision and mission last July 24-26, 2009  from 1 o’clock to 5 o’clock in the afternoon. Spearheaded by Ms. Josephine Macawile, Officer-in-Charge of the Maybunga Elementary School Annex and hosted by Mrs. Jessica Roble.


The activity started at 1 o’clock in the afternoon with an invocation led by Mrs. Joan Balat and followed by the singing of a Nationalistic Song conducted by Mrs. Rowena Petallar. Mr. Richard Galang and Mrs. Petallar facilitated the Getting-to-Know activity as a starter. They adopted the mechanics of the Bingo game which made everyone ask the participants physical features, hobbies, and likes and made everybody get acquainted. Just after the exciting activity, Ms. Macawile gave an overview of the pupils’ profile for the group to assess. Based on the profile group workshop of parents and teachers were organized to assess the situation and come up with solutions to the existing problems of students. The participants found out that majority of the pupils of the school came from a family of low income earners. The impoverished case of the pupils’ parent standard of living came out as the first major problem why children engaged in numerous absences. The group agreed upon to come up with various strategies to pamper out pupils not to look poverty as a very huge hindrance in education. After the pupils profile assessment, teachers profile assessment followed through sharing workshop of teachers. As a result, majority of the teachers were found out to have at least 3 years of experienced in teaching. With the limited   teachers’ know-how, teachers suggested to have a monthly SLAC and INSET and very much willing to attend on seminar-workshops to improve their craft and as well as enhance their professional skills.

The activity ended at 5 o’clock in the afternoon with a closing prayer led by Ms. Lenisa Arcenal.


Mrs. Roble called for the teacher-animators who led an action song as the 2nd day opened. Recap on the the 1st day activity was done. The school principal introduced the resource speaker in the person of Ms. Fe Gladys Golo Ph.D, Program Directress, Master in Values Education at the University of Asia and the Pacific. Dr. Golo initiated her task by facilitating a survey regarding the following question:

  1. How do you see yourself 3 years from now?
  2. What do you want your school to be 3 years from now?
  3. What key features will you include in your school?

The participants were able to share their insights on the survey individually.

Most of the teachers visualized themselves enrolled in their master’s degree.

Parents together with the teachers anticipated for school improvement by acquiring more functional facilities, clean and safe surroundings, and to be well-known as performing school both in the District and Division levels. Regarding the participants outlook on the third question, the following suggestions were conveyed out:

–           Inculcating of the Core Values: God Fearing, Respectful, Discipline, Commitment, Best in the Child, Belongingness, Comprehensive,  and Confidence

–           Achieving a High Performing School Standard : private school standard, academic, value laden, and non academic

–          Starting up in Thriving Community Moving up, competitive, happy, and quality.

Discussion on the matters relating to the survey was done to address various problems experienced by both the teachers and the parents.

The activity was closed with a prayer led by Mr. Rex Valdez.


The day started with a reflection on the biblical quotation read by Ms. Rachelle Mendoza.

The activities which were accomplished for 2 days were recapped by Mrs. Leonisa Mabulay.

Dr. Golo begin her task by presenting different forms of transportation and other establishments through newspaper cut outs. Each of which contains a tag line( e.g. LBC-Hari ng padala!, SM- We’ve got it all for you!,Cebuana Lhuillier-Damang-dama ang pera padala !, Jollibee-Bida ang saya !, Lipovitan-Gets you going! ) for the participants to analyze its significance.

The activity followed by an assessment on the participants’ answers to the survey served as a framework in formulating the school’s tag line.  (We are a Community, We are one!). Upon the start of designing the vision and mission, Ms. Macawile was able to share how the school was establish also stated the purpose which she quoted from the City Mayor during their meeting. Through this, the participants, together with the resource speaker were deeply inspired and came up with the creation of the school’s vision and mission as follows:


Maybunga Elementary School Annex a high performing school in a thriving community where everyone is God loving, respectful, disciplined and committed to the pursuit of what is best for the child.


Our Teachers – continue to improve their craft, model, critical thinking, teach with love and live in harmony in others.

Non teaching – give exemplary work ethics and our partner in the creation of a clean, safe, concern environment conducive to learning.

Our Parents – actively seek the school’s welfare and provide responses in all that we can in the spirit of freedom and responsibility.


We are a Community, we are one!

The formulation of the school’s vision and mission originated from the key features which were stressed out during the aforementioned conduct of the survey.

The activity successfully culminated with a closing ceremony at exactly 5.o’clock in the afternoon.


MAYBUNGA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL ANNEX is a high performing school in a thriving community where everyone is GOD-LOVING, RESPECTFUL, DISCIPLINED, and COMMITTED to the pursuit of WHAT IS BEST IN THE CHILD.


Our Teachers – continue to improve their craft, model critical thinking, teach with love, and live in harmony with others.

Our Non – Teaching Personnel – Have exemplary work ethics and our partners in the creation of a safe, clean, concern environment conducive to learning.

Our Parents – Actively seek who think of the school’s welfare and provide resources in all that we can in the spirit of freedom.


A. Pupil Development
Date Activities Remarks
1 Organization of Classes All pupils
8-9 Administration of Diagnostic test All pupils
10-11 Administration of PHIL-IRI, California Test Grades II-VI pupils
16 Distribution of shoes, bags and notebooks All pupils
Every Mon. & Fri. Flag Ceremony & Flag Retreat with a Talk on Values

B. Staff Development
Date Activities Remarks
2 Faculty Meeting All Teachers attended
10 District V Principals’ meeting Ms Macawile attended
18 Execom Meeting Ms Macawile attended
19 Meeting of District Property custodian Mr Valdes attended
23 Meeting of Division MSEP coordinators’ Ms. Arcenal attended
Barangay Nutrition committee Mrs alzona attended
24 Meeting of Division English Coordinators’ Mr Galang Attended


A. Pupil Development
Date Activities Remarks
3 First Friday Mass All  pupils
7 Meeting of Ate & Kuya Librarians
13 Spelling & Storytelling Contest Grades I-III
21 Distribution of Book of Hope All pupils
23 Try-out for athletics Grade IV-V
28 Read A Thon Grade II pupils
31 Nutrition Program All pupils
Every Mon. & Fri. Flag Ceremony & Flag Retreat with a Talk on Values
Saturday MTAP Average pupils
Thursday Religion Classes Grade III & VI pupils

B. Staff Development

Date Activities Remarks
1 Division HEKASI meeting Mr. Apostle attended
6 District Filipino Meeting Ms. Ebot attended
7 District Math Meeting Ms. Pedregosa attended
16 Sports Meeting Mr Valdez attended
17 Division Guidance meeting Mrs Roble attended
C. Seminar- Workshop/Other
Date Activities Remarks
4,11,18 Seminar Worksyap para sa mga guro Ms. Bioco & Ms. Poso attended
sa Ikatlong Baitang
Division HEKASI Seminar Mr. Apostle attended
4,11, 18, 25 Integrating Culture & Arts Across Ms. Arcenal attended
the Curriculum
11,18, 25 Enhancement Training for EPP Mrs. Petallar & Mr Valdez
teachers attended
23 One- day Seminar Workshop in Ms. Arcenal attended
Introducing to Basic Drawing &
Creativity Enhancement
24 SLACS on Crafting the School’s All teachers and Officers of
Vision & Mission with Parents and General PTA Attended

Ms. Macawile leads the opening remarks on District Read A Thon (August 26, 2009)



A. Pupil Development
Date Activities Remarks
15 District Athletic Meet 1st place- 200m run
1st place- 400m run
1st place- 4×1 relay
1st place- 4×4 relay
2nd place 400m run
3rd place- 4×1 relay
3rd place- 800 m run
3rd place- badminton
17 Launching of “As a Filipino” 155 grade II pupils
18 District English Read A thon 1st place- Storytelling
1st place- Retelling
19 District Filipino Read A thon 1st place- Storytelling
3rd place- Retelling
2nd place comrehension
22 & 29 District Young Writers’ conference 3rd place-Editorial cartooning
3rd place- editorial writing
25 Division English Read A thon 1st place- storytelling
2nd place- retelling
26 District Buwan ng wika 1st place- Talumpati
29 deworming of grades I,II & III pupils 86 pupils
Every Mon. & Fri. Flag Ceremony & Flag Retreat with a Talk on Values
Thursday Religion Classes Grades III & VI
Saturday MTAP classes 10 pupils
B. Staff Development
Date Activities Remarks
11 District V GSP Meeting Mrs. Petallar attended
26 District Sport’s Meeting Mr. Valdez attended
27 District V Principals’ Meeting Ms. Macawile attended
C. Seminar- Workshop/Other


Date Activities Remarks
4-5 GSP Council Board & standing com. Ms. Macawile attended
6-7 Two-day Division SBM assessment Ms. Macawile
workshop & J. Roble attended
22-29 Division Seminar in ICT Integration J. Roble & N. Alingasa
Training for School Managers & attended
Planning Officers



  1. A. Pupils Development
Date Activities Remarks
1 Tsibug Pampalusog Launching 114 pupils
3 Regional Read A Thon
4 First Friday Mass All Grade III, IV, V pupils
8 Dental and Medical Check up 148 grade I Pupils
11 District Science Contest Ist place Collage Making

2nd place Sci damaa III

22 Escoda Week 24 Girls Scouts participated
Every Mon. & Fri. Flag Ceremony & Flag Retreat with a Talk on Values
Thursday Religion Class Grades III & IV
Wednesday UA&P Remedial Class 52 Pupils

  1. B. Development

Date Activities Remarks
2 GSP Meeting Ms. Macawile attended
2 Science Meeting Mrs. Balat attended
4 Division Mrs. Roble attended
16 Mrs. Petallar attended
  1. C. Seminar- workshop/ Other
Dates Activities Remarks
1-2 UPMISMED Science Seminar Mrs. Balat attended
5 BEIS Seminar

Division Seminar Workshop MSEP V

Mrs. Roble & Ms. Alingasa attended
3,4,7 District SBM- SGC Orientation Ms. Macawile & Mrs Petallar attended
11 Principals’ 1-day Seminar workshop on Managing the Professional Teachers Ms Macawile Attended
18 UP teaching Demonstration in Music Ms Arcenal attended
22-23 Regional Training of School Paper Advisers Mr. Galang attended



  1. A. Pupils Development

Date Activities Remarks
5 Division Young  Writer’s Conference 5th Place Photojournalism
12 UA&P- NSTP Feeding Program 21 pupils
10, 17, 24 Training of Delegates to Metro Manila Young Writers’ Conference 1 pupils qualified for Photo journalism
23 GMA Foundation – gift giving 732 pupils
26-30 Distribution of rice 414 pupils
29 Division Science Quest
Every Mon. & Fri Flag Ceremony & Flag Retreat with a talk on Values
Daily Tsibug Pampalusog Feeding Program 211 pupils
Daily Remedial Classes
Thursday Religion Classes Grades III & VI
Wednesday UA&P Remedial Class 52 pupils

  1. B. Staff Development

Date Activities Remarks
14 District Custodians’ Meeting Mr Valdez attended
21 Guidance Meeting Mrs. Roble & Mr Galang attended
  1. C. Seminar- WORKSHOP/ Other

Date Activities Remarks
23 & 30 Division Orientation- Training on Phil- Iri Ms. Macawile, Ms Alingasa & Mr Galang attended



  1. A. Pupil Development
Date Activities Remarks
3 Division Science Quest 4th place Gr. III Quiz Bee

5TH Place Sci- Dama

5-6 Second Periodical Test
6 Division Training on MMYC 1 pupil – Photo Journalism
22 Canadian Gift Giving 50 pupils
23 Launching of Laban sa Droga 10 pupils attended
24 Field trip 361 Pupils
25 Division Literacy Competition
26 Pasig City Meet 1st Place 40×4 m run

1st Place 400 m run

Every Mon. &  Fri. Flag Ceremony & Flag Retreat with a talk on Values
Daily School Feeding Program
Daily Remedial Classes
Daily Stibug Pampalusog Feeding 101 Pupils
Wednesday Remedial Classes by UA&P Students 18 Pupils
Thursday Religion Classes Grade III & VI

  1. B. Staff Development

Date Activities Remarks
5 Faculty Meeting
23 Meeting of Sport’s Coordinator Mr. Valdez attended



  1. A. Pupil Development

Date Activities Remarks
3 Jollibee gift Giving 768 pupils
4 Mass All Pupils
9 UA & P Christmas Party with their Remedial Tutorial Class 20 Grade I Pupils
10 Confession of Grade III Pupils Grade III pupils
District DAMATH Ist place- Grade I

3rd place- Grade II

3rd place- Grade III

12 First Communion of Grade III
16 Division Leadership Training

Of Supreme Pupil Govt.

3 pupils
17 Christmas Program All Pupils
18 Children’s Christmas Party All Pupils
Every Mon. & Fri. Flag Ceremony & Flag Retreat with a Talk on Values
Daily Remedial Class
Distribution of rice to Grade I- III
Saturday MTAP Talented Pupils
Wednesday UA&P Remedial Tutorial
Tuesday Religion Class Grade II
Wednesday Religion Class Grade III & VI
Friday Religion Class Grade IV

  1. B. Staff Development

Date Activities Remarks
2 PACESPA Meeting Ms. Macawile
Meeting of Math Coordinators Ms. Pedregosa
18 Teachers’ Christmas Party All Teachers

  1. C. Seminar- Workshop

Date Activities Remarks
16 Participation in the Division

Leadership Training for Supreme Pupil Government

Mr Apostle attended



  1. A. Pupil Development

Date Activities Remark
15 Division MTAP
1-6 Pre-test NAT Reviewer Grade VI pupils
18-19 Third Periodical Test
21-23 Division Athletic Meet Ist place track & field
29-31 Junior & Senior GSP Encampment 5 girl scouts
Every Mon. & Fri Flag ceremony & Flag Retreat with a talk on values
Daily NAT Review Classes for grade III & VI
Wednesday UA&P Outreach Program
UA&P Remedial Tutorial 11 grade II pupils
UA&P Remedial Tutorial 15 grade III pupils

  1. B. Staff Development

Date Activities Remarks
8 Faculty Meeting All teachers
15 GSP meeting R. Petallar attended
20 District Custodians’ Meeting Mr. Valdez attended

  1. C. Seminar-Workshop / Other

Date Activities Remarks
8 New election system orientation & Demonstration Seminar Mrs. Petallar, J. Balat & J. Roble attended
26 Orientation on BSP Dep Ed Financial Literary Program Ms. Macawile attended
29 Division Demo teaching in Elem. Math L. Arcenal & M. Pedregosa attended
29-31 GSP Encampment Mrs. Petallar attended



  1. A. Pupil Development
Date Activities Remarks
2 Lemon Square Sampling 600 pupils
Deworming Grade I, II, & III
5 HEKASI Quiz 3rd place Grade II
Mass All Pupils
15 NCR Palaro
18 Division NAT Mock Test All grade III & VI pupils
20 National Young Writers’ Conference 2nd Place – Photojournalism

22 GSP Thinking Day 8 Girl Scouts
25 Ash Wednesday
Every Mon. & Fri. Flag ceremony & Flag Retreat with a Talk on values
Daily NAT Review Classes for grade III & VI
School Feeding for grade III & VI
Wednesday UA&P Outreach Program
Remedial Classes Grades I, II & III
Saturday Remedial Class Grade I

  1. B. Staff Development

Date Activities Remarks
3 Meeting of Grade VI advisers R. Galang attended
17 GSO Asset Mgmt. Meeting R. Valdez attended
18 All Principals’ meeting Ms. Macawile attended
17 Examiners’ Orientation NAT examiners attended

  1. C. Seminar-Workshop/ Other

Date Activities Remarks
6, 13 & 20 Division Seminar/ workshop for Grade III Math teachers M. Pedregosa & L. Mabulay attended
8 Dialogue with GSIS Officers R. Petallar attended
25 Literacy Impact & an effective beginning Reading Program N. Mallon & R. Mendoza


Vission & Mission of Maybunga Elementary School Annex





Maybunga Elementary School Annex was constructed under the administration of our beloved city Mayor Roberto “ Bobby” Eusebio this was a project of the local government to lessen the problem of absentism in Maybunga Elementary School main. In line with this Mayor Bobby Eusebio held a meeting with the principal, teachers and non teaching personnel of Maybunga Elementary School to ask for the needs of the school and one problem that was raised was the big number of student who were always absent because of big fare in tricycle and also poverty in the westbunk floodway. Then teachers suggested to have one community bus that will fetch the students from floodway Mayor replied that it will risky. So Mayor told the body that if the school is far from the student why don’t we bring the school near to the students so on that they on the City enginers office started to make a plan for the said MAYBUNGA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL ANNEX and now afer a year and a half it it was open to serve the community of Westbunk Floodway. Maybunga from the beginning has it’s population of 736 students with one principal and and nineteen teachers.

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